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10 things to keep in mind when receiving a janitorial services quote

janitorial services quote
Ensure reviewing these questions to understand all the T&Cs

When receiving a quote from a janitorial services company as a customer, you can expect the following elements to be included:

1. Scope of Services:

  • A detailed list of the cleaning services they will provide, specifying tasks such as general cleaning, floor maintenance, window cleaning, etc.

2. Frequency and Schedule:

  • Clear information on the frequency of cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly) and the proposed schedule.

3. Pricing Structure:

  • Transparent breakdown of the pricing structure, whether it's per visit, hourly rates, or a customized plan based on your needs.

4. Additional Services:

  • Any optional or add-on services available, along with their corresponding costs.

5. Duration of Contract:

  • The proposed duration of the contract, whether it's a short-term agreement or a long-term commitment.

6. Terms and Conditions:

  • Clear outline of terms and conditions, including payment terms, cancellation policies, and any penalties for breaches.

7. Customization Options:

  • Information on whether the plan can be customized to meet specific needs or adjusted based on changing requirements.

8. Guarantees and Quality Assurance:

  • Any guarantees or assurances regarding the quality of their services, including protocols for addressing issues or concerns.

9. Duration of Validity:

  • The period for which the quote is valid, as pricing may be subject to change over time.

10. Contact Information:

Clear contact details for the company representative, allowing you to easily address any questions or negotiate terms.

Receiving a comprehensive quote enables you to make an informed decision, ensuring that the janitorial services align with your needs and budget while providing a clear understanding of the terms of the agreement.


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