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12 things to expect in a cleaning consultation

facility services consultation
When setting up a consultation, you should be prepared to answer these questions below.

As a customer engaging in a consultation with a janitorial service company, you can expect a thorough and collaborative process aimed at understanding your specific cleaning needs and developing a tailored solution. Here's what you can typically expect during a consultation:

1. Introduction with vendor:

  • The consultation will start with introductions to the janitorial service company representative.

  • They may provide an overview of their company, including their experience, expertise, and any relevant certifications.

2. Understanding Your Facility:

  • The representative will inquire about the size, layout, and type of facility you need cleaning services for.

  • They may ask about the specific areas that require attention, such as offices, common areas, restrooms, or specialized spaces.

3. Cleaning Requirements:

  • You'll discuss your specific cleaning requirements, including the level of cleanliness you expect and any particular challenges or concerns you may have.

  • Identify if you need regular maintenance, deep cleaning, or special services like carpet cleaning, floor care, or window cleaning.

4. Frequency and Schedule:

  • Determine the frequency of cleaning services you need (daily, weekly, monthly) and discuss your preferred schedule.

  • Consider if cleaning should be done during or after business hours.

5. Budget Discussion:

  • The representative will inquire about your budget constraints and expectations.

  • They will provide transparency about their pricing structure and may discuss customization options to meet your budget. Remember, as a services organization, janitorial services companies have fixed costs for labor, so there may not be a ton of room for negotiation.

  • Companies who end up bidding drastically lower than their competition can potentially be a red flag. Many organizations have similar labor costs due to competition for employment.

6. Special Requirements:

  • If your facility has specific health and safety requirements or adheres to industry standards, the representative will discuss how their services align with these needs.

  • Address any specialized cleaning needs or concerns you may have.

7. Green Cleaning Practices:

  • If environmental considerations are important to you, inquire about the janitorial company's green cleaning practices. This has become increasingly important if your organization has ESG initiatives, specifically around environmental changes.

  • Discuss the use of environmentally friendly products and sustainable cleaning procedures.

8. Security and Confidentiality:

  • If your facility has security protocols, discuss how the janitorial service company ensures the security and confidentiality of your premises.

  • Understand the background checks and training processes for their cleaning staff.

9. Communication and Reporting:

  • Discuss communication channels and protocols for regular updates and feedback. This will help your organization improve the quality of service with the service provider.

  • Understand how the company addresses issues or accommodates requests for additional services.

10. Q&A and Clarifications:

  • The representative will encourage you to ask questions and seek clarifications on any aspects of the proposed janitorial services.

  • They will address any concerns or uncertainties you may have.

11. Proposal Presentation:

  • Based on the information gathered during the consultation, the janitorial service company will present a tailored proposal that outlines the recommended services, schedule, and pricing.

12. Next Steps:

  • The representative will outline the next steps in the process, including contract negotiations if applicable.

  • Provide a timeline for the implementation of services and any necessary onboarding procedures.

Overall, a well-conducted consultation is designed to ensure that the janitorial service company understands your unique needs and can deliver a solution that meets your expectations. It sets the foundation for a successful and collaborative partnership.

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